Why It’s Important To Keep Up With Routine Electrical Inspections

Are you positive your building is up to code? Are your lights flickering or out altogether? Are you buying, selling or renting new property and unsure of the status of the electrical wiring? These are just a few items that can be handled during a routine, scheduled yearly electrical inspection. Having a commercial electrician come onsite annually will save time and money and is a great move to ensure your business operates both smoothly and safely. Conversely, putting off preventive maintenance like this creates headaches and only costs you money in the long run. 


Stay Up To Code 


Electrical meltdowns can happen at any time, and they’re not always immediately apparent. Failing to keep up with routine code maintenance can put a huge liability on your back and cause your business to be non-compliant, which can bring unneeded fines and penalties. Even worse than that your building could experience an electrical fire that could not only shut you down but also injure your employees and customers.


Combat The Constant Flickering


While a few flickering bulbs may not seem like much in a big building, it is often the first indicator of a deeper issue. Periodic outages and flickering are problems that come from within the building, which are not easy to diagnose on your own. Leaving these unattended is a risky decision. Your electrician will be able to provide solutions and set you up with a plan to combat the issue in a preventative manner instead of fighting that fire down the road.


Make New Businesses Safe 


If you are buying, selling, or renting properties you’ll need to ensure all electrical appliances, wiring, and lighting are up to code. And if you are investing in a new property for your business, don’t take the previous landlord’s word for it that everything is up to code. Visual inspections on your own are also not enough. A professional electrician can run a complete check of the structure to identify any issues that could cost you valuable time and money later on. 


Having these issues called out upfront can also help you negotiate with any future landlords, tenants or sellers have them invest in remediations before you put the pen to paper. If you’re on the other end of the stick, make sure your building is up to code for your potential buyer so you can be sure to get the best possible offer. 


Keeping your electrician’s number close by is a good starting point and using their services will give you confidence and peace of mind. It is important to remember that all of these electrical malfunctions start with poor maintenance, so having an annual inspection on the books is a worthwhile investment. 


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