4 Reasons To Hire A Licensed Commercial Electrician


Everyone knows someone who has attempted to make an electrical project a DIY endeavor. Rarely do those turn out well and particularly not in commercial settings where you are trying to operate a business. May is Electrical Safety Month, which brings awareness to the over 400 electrocution fatalities and 4,000 non-fatal injuries that occur each year in the U.S. The electrical field is a dangerous one and requires the care of a licensed and professional electrician. 


When hiring an electrician for your facility you want to make sure they are experienced and have the proper qualifications to complete your project safely. Here are a few tips to ensure you hire a reputable and competent electrical team. 


They Understand and Follow Electrical Codes

This may seem like a no brainer but some electricians still try to cut corners and ignore local codes and regulations. The DIY electrician that you could easily hire to fix up your facility, may bring a lower price in the short term but that will be offset through the long-term risks accompanying their work. Master electricians go through an extensive apprenticeship program and this gives them the know-how to ensure safety and compliance, which protects your employees from electrical harm and risks. 


They Inspect For Electrical Hazards 

Think of your building as a patient on an operating table, and your electrician as the surgeon. Many hazards can exist in a building that are not immediately evident to the untrained eye. Even a basic home service panel provides 200 amps, which is enough to be fatal if the proper precautions are not taken. Without a licensed electrical contractor inspecting and diagnosing your facility you run the risk of an electrical fire or other dangers. Securing your workplace should be a number one priority and a competent electrical team can assure you of that. 


They Conduct Electrical Improvements 

You will need to continuously invest in technological improvements at your facility, and even the latest technology will become obsolete over time. Commercial electricians can help improve your existing electrical footprint and save you money over time. Routinely ask them to inspect and enhance everything in your facility from ceiling fans to electrical panels.  


They Do It Right The First Time  

Unlike your fly-by-night DIY electrician, Master Electricians do it right the first time. Just like with most quick fixes, doing it on the cheap the first time only brings great headaches and more costs in the long run. Revisits to fix poor craftsmanship always has a cost. 


When you hire a professional you are more likely to get it done right the first time, and by consistently monitoring your infrastructure you create a safer environment for your team. From site lighting and maintenance to UPS installation, a commercial electrician can safely and efficiently bring life to your building. 


CUSI Electric is a full-service implementation partner that helps commercial companies transform electrical infrastructure of existing and future locations, so its clients can serve their customers consistently and efficiently. Give us a visit at: https://cusielectric.com


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