LED light bulbs are well known for their efficiency as a lighting alternative.  As the cost of creating bulbs continues to drop, LED lights have become widely popular across the country by homeowners and businesses alike. LED lights help reduce our overall carbon footprint while helping us ensure a greener future. Unfortunately, for some people, they realize they have a sensitivity to LED lights, which it can make it hard to relax in your favorite rooms in your home.

What is LED Light Sensitivity? 

LED light sensitivity has similar symptoms of the discomfort to light one would experience after walking out of a dark room, or from sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. LED Lights tend to have the same effect on the eyes for some people. Known by most medical professionals as photosensitivity, which millions of people experience every day. Although, it is not life threatening, it should be considered when selecting the right bulbs and fixtures for your home or business.

Symptoms of LED Light Sensitivity

If you think you could be experiencing some of the symptoms of LED Light Sensitivity, here is a list of symptoms you should consider.  Sometimes light sensitivity can cause a variety of issues that could be linked to existing medical conditions already.

·         Eye Inflammation

·         Eye pain and discomfort

·         Migraines

·         Dizziness

·         Vertigo

·         Light Intolerance

·         Excessive Blinking

·         Excessive Squinting

How to Help People Who Experience Light Sensitivity

Here are a few ways that you can help your friends and family reduce their symptoms of light sensitivity in your home or business.

Lower the intensity of lighting in your home

You can help achieve this goal in your home or business by installing dimmer switches, add shades, and diffusers. You can achieve this by purchasing bulbs with lower lumen.

·    60W incandescent = 800 Lumens

·    40W incandescent = 450 Lumens

·    25W incandescent = 200 Lumens

Consider Purchasing Warmer Toned Bulbs

Bulbs with warmer tones, such as yellow, can be found in the 2-3,000 Kelvin range.

Try smart bulbs as an alternative.

Adding smart bulbs to your home or business, allows you to experiment with light intensities to find the one that is best suited for you and your family.

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