With warmer weather approaching now that we are into the Summer months, it is time to start thinking about ways to save money on your electric bill. There are a variety of things you can do that will help you keep your bill to a more manageable price point. We have compiled a few tips to help you enjoy your summer a little more, while keeping your electric bill under wraps and manageable.

Alternatives to Cooling Your Home

·         Make sure your Air Conditioner is maintenance yearly.

It is important that you have someone come out and properly look over your air conditioner yearly to make sure all the filters and fluids are clean and up to date. By having a professional check on your air conditioner this can help improve the longevity of you are A/C while avoiding any issues you could run into throughout the year.

·         Duct work Maintenance

Having someone come in to check your duct work can also help you save money in the warmer months. Much like your air conditioner, your duct work should be checked for leaks and should be cleaned yearly to help prevent air blockages in your home. This can help you save money as your air conditioner will not be working as hard.

·         Quiet Cool Whole House Fans

Installing a Quiet Cool Whole House Fan is a great alternative to over working your air conditioner. They help you save 50% to 90% on your overall air conditioning costs. They are easy for our electricians to install and only take a few hours. They have a wide variety of benefits that not only help you reduce your energy costs but can also help improve the over all health of you and your family. They help eliminate pet dander, smoke, germs, gases, and other annoyances that could stir up issues with allergies and other respiratory issues.

·         Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans can be a great alternative to giving your air conditioner a break in the rooms that you and your family spend the most time in. They can help reduce the temperature in the room you are spending time in while giving you the opportunity to turning your a/c off.

·         Light Bulbs

Switching out your light bulbs with LEDS will help you save on energy costs. Iridescent light bulbs give out a vast amount of heat, replacing them with a more energy saving alternative will help reduce the heat omitted by a light bulb by 50%.

·         Natural Ventilation

Open windows and door during the cooler times of the day. This will help naturally cool your home down and bring in fresh air without using additional resources.

·         Appliance Use in the Kitchen

Another alternative to try to cut down on the amount of heat omitted into your home during the warmer months is to therefore reduce the number of appliances used during high times of the day. If you use your stove and oven during cool times of the day that can help reduce your electric bill. Along with using your dishwasher during the cooler times of the day, that will help reduce the impact of humidity and heat in your home.

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