Adding lights to the exterior portion of your home is just as important as adding the perfect lighting fixtures to the inside of your home. Whether you are looking to add lighting for backyard entertaining, or looking to light up a pathway, solar lights are economical and a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

There are a few ways to go about choosing the best solar lights for your home. You should look at the type of lights you want to install and the location you would like to place the solar lights. Once you have determined these two factors it will be easier to determine the perfect solar light for your space.


When determining what is the best solar lights for your yard, you want to consider how durable they are to withstand the climate you are in, and how long  their life is in order to find the perfect solar light for your  exterior living space.  We have listed a few options that are considered the top products in the industry to help you with your research.

·    Solar Powered String Lights

Solar powered strings lights are a great way to spice up any outdoor living space. They are a wonderful option for lighting up the areas around your deck, patio, or hot tub area. They are easy for anyone to install and can be placed on poles or along deck railing.

·    Solar Powered Pathway Lights

Solar Powered Pathway lights are a great alternative to bringing light to the walkways around your home. These lights normally are equipped with stakes that allow you to easily place the solar lights in the ground around your selected walkway.

·    Solar Powered Spotlights

Solar Powered Spotlights are a great way to help you light up your outdoor living space. They can help you enhance your landscaping and the outdoor elements of your home. They are easy to install and move locations with their practical stakes that they mount too. Most solar powered spotlights are adjustable, weather resistant, and offer at least 10 plus hours of battery life.

·    Solar Powered Lanterns

Solar Powered Lanterns are a beautiful decorative way to light up your outdoor living space. They come in a variety of styles that you can both hang and stake in the ground. These types of solar lights are versatile, and can be used in the home, to your backyard, to even enjoying your favorite camping activities. They are a great alternative to providing light in places that might not receive as much light as it should.

Where to Place Your Solar Lights

Finding the perfect type of solar light for your outdoor living space is important so you can provide the exact amount of light you need for the different spaces for your outdoor living. There are a variety of lights to choose from to find the perfect lighting for your space, from stake lights, string lights, to lanterns there is an option for everyone. Please remember though you need to consider the amount of sunlight the area you are installing your lights receive. With the right amounts of sunlight your lights should provide 10 plus hours of light for your enjoyment.

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