If you are considering selling your home or are currently in the process of selling your home, making sure the wiring is in good working condition is a must.  We are here to help you determine what you should replace before the sale or should you leave it up to the buyer.

Electrical Issues Could Scare Off Potential Buyers

 We often talk about increasing your home’s curb appeal while sprucing up the outside of your home, but we often do not talk about what is going on behind the walls of your home.  Although, you may not want to spend a fortune on a home you no longer need, it is wise to be educated on your options for upgrading your home’s wiring to help ensure you earn top dollar for your sale.

What Electrical Upgrades Are Most Attractive to Home Buyers?

These electrical upgrade suggestions are key in helping you reduce time spent on negotiations with price reductions and credits following your initial home inspection. These suggestions could help you reach the price point you are looking for in today’s housing market.


Any place in the home that has outlets or wet locations, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, garage, or basement should be equipped with GFCI. A GFCI device helps monitor the electrical current and can detect harmful imbalances by cutting them off instantly when a problem occurs.

Circuit Breaker Panels That Could Be Old, Missing, Recalled, or Too Small.

The wiring for your home should always run through the circuit breaker. So, when you are considering selling your home, making sure your breaker panel up is up to date is very important.  If your breaker is old, outdated, improperly sized, or modified, that could impact and delay the sale of your home, as well as the insurability of the property.

Reduced Number of Outlets

 Making sure you have the proper number of outlets per room is important. Extension cords and outlet alternatives can be dangerous and a fire hazard. Making sure you have the proper amount of conveniently located electrical outlets will help increase the value of your home.

 Ungrounded 2 Prong Outlets

Being able to offer 3 prong outlets verses 2 prong outlets, looks more attractive to potential buyers in the long run. 3 Prong outlets are more compatible with today’s newer technology. While the 2 prong outlets might be okay for older technology, it risks frying newer gadgets due to surges.

Antiquated Electrical

It is important to make sure your home can support all your gadgets with the proper number of amps.  Newer homes should be equipped to handle 200 amps while the electrical in older homes are only equipped to handle about 60 amps.  Making sure you home is equipped to support your appliance, fixtures and electrical load, will help make selling your home easier in the long run.

 Wiring Systems That Are Outdated

 Wiring systems that are outdated and support knob, tube, and aluminum wiring could be a leading cause for a house fire. To avoid the hassle of fighting with insurance companies, you should upgrade your electrical system to reflect the new standard of copper wiring and adequate grounding. This will not only reduce the chances of a house fire, but also help you support your important electronics.

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