5 Rules For Choosing The Right Commercial Electrician


A commercial electrician is a trained and certified individual who can perform a number of electrical tasks. Whether you are building a new facility, need maintenance services or have an emergency on your hands, hiring the right commercial electrician is essential to ensure you get the right services at the right time.

When choosing a commercial electrician, keep in mind specific rules that will help you make the right choice. To help you out with this process, here are 5 rules for choosing the right commercial electrician:

  • Do they have enough experience?
  • Look into their customer service.
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Are they offering good value for money?

Choosing the right Commercial Electrician can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these five rules!


Do they have enough experience?

You will want to make sure the commercial electrician has enough experience. The more experience they have, the better they are at their job.

  • What experience do they have with your industry? If it’s a big company or small company, if it’s in manufacturing or retail, etc.
  • How much experience do they have with your building? For example, if you own a large mall and have several buildings spread out across the country and need maintenance on all of them—it may be better to go with someone who knows all of your buildings well rather than someone who only works in one location.
  • How much experience do they have with industry-specific regulations? For example, electricians working in food processing facilities may need to know about OSHA requirements for those areas specifically.
  • What kind of safety training does this electrician give his employees? Does he require specific training before hiring them onto his crew (which can cost him money), or does he hire people without having any requirements at all? You want an electrician that cares about safety! A good rule of thumb is if there’s anything dangerous going on around an area where electrical work needs done then there should always be two people present: one person working while another acts as spotter/safety supervisor only watching over things from afar but not actually touching anything themselves because that could lead towards injury.

Look into their customer service.

When you are looking for a commercial electrician, it is important to consider how they will treat you. The best way to gauge this is by looking at how they have treated other customers. If someone has had a bad experience with the company or an employee, they probably won’t be shy about leaving a review or talking about their experience on social media.

This means that if you see many negative reviews regarding customer service and interactions, there may be cause for concern when it comes time to hire them. You want someone who will listen to your concerns and address them quickly, not someone who brushes off your questions or demands more money because of extra work involved in doing something correctly the first time around.

Are they licensed and insured?

Licensing and insurance are important for your safety, peace of mind and business.

As a customer, you want to know that the electrician you hire has up-to-date licenses and certifications that can be verified by checking their records with state or national licensing agencies. Licensed electricians have received specialized training in the electrical industry, so you can count on them to perform high-quality work no matter how complicated your job may be.

Licensing is also required in order to maintain liability insurance coverage. Having this kind of protection protects both parties involved in any legal action resulting from an accident or injury caused by negligence on the part of either party during the course of doing business together.

Do they have a good reputation?

Before you hire a commercial electrician, it’s important to ask questions about their reputation.

How do you find out what other people think about the company? The internet is the easiest place to start! Search for reviews online and look for:

  • Reviews from previous clients
  • Reviews from industry peers (such as other companies in your area)
  • Reviews from industry experts (like electrical engineering associations)
  • Reviews published by reputable publications on the subject of commercial electricians

Are they offering good value for money?

More than price, you should be looking at the value your contractor is offering. What are they doing that other companies are not? Do they have a better reputation or qualifications than the others you’re considering? Are they offering more high-quality services for a lower cost?

We recommend taking into account all factors when choosing an electrician, including price. However, make sure to check out what else they have to offer before making any final decisions

Choosing the right Commercial Electrician can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.

When looking for a commercial electrician, it is important to remember that choosing the wrong one could cause more harm than good. As with most businesses, there are certain qualities that make up a good company and can help you decide if the electrician is right for your needs.

There are many things to consider when choosing an electrician but here are five main points of consideration:

  • Experience – The most important thing is to look at how long they have been in business and how many jobs they have done over their career. If they only do small jobs or only work on residential homes, then this may not be the best fit. Look for someone who has experience in commercial buildings as well as other types of structures such as stores, offices, etc…
  • Customer Service – You want someone who knows how to answer questions about what’s being done and why it needs done. You also want someone who listens when you tell them what your concerns are before starting any work so that no surprises come up later on down the road due to poor communication between both parties involved during this process! Having great customer service skills go hand-in-hand with success!”


When you have a commercial property that requires electrical services, you need to ensure that you choose the right electrician who will get the job done in a professional and timely manner. By following these 5 rules for choosing the right commercial electrician, you can ensure that your work is completed by someone who is trained, experienced and reliable.

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